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Being a maker is super hard.
With M4M you join a group of truly motivated makers. We lift each other up every day!

Get advice and feedback on your marketing efforts

And, as it's a small community, you can easily get advice and feedback on your project strategy anytime. Having a second or third pair of eyes will lead you to the right decision faster.

Marketing4Marker- community 100% marketing focus
Marketing4Makers - accountability group

Stay accountable
& motivated every week

Every Friday join us for our MasterMind calls. That's a great way to help each other and to celebrate our wins together!

What the members are saying:

Marketing4Makers member - Matt Visiwig

It's really hard to replicate a group like this. It's where I turn when I have a need for feedback or want to talk tactics

Matt Visiwig -

Marketing4Makers member - Matt Visiwig

Since I joined the M4M community, I save time on my distribution strategy and the construction of my projects. I joined a real community where helping each other to succeed is a priority.

Victor - Lamacorn Studio

Marketing4Makers member - Matt Visiwig

Xavier has put together a great group. I’ve made some great connections there and learn something every time I jump into the chat.

Definitely recommend it if you’re building something

Daren Smith -

Join the community

I've got tons of valuable feedback from Members

Jesse Hercules - CEO

$25/month - cancel anytime

  • Join 40+ friendly makers

  • Save time & money learning from others

  • Get a second or third pair of eyes to get to the right decision faster.

  • Stay motivated and efficient!


· Why is it not free?

I decided to create a paid community mainly because I want to be sure that all members are truly motivated! I've seen too many big communities that are now ghost towns. I don't want that!

· Is there a free trial?

I can do it, send me a DM on Twitter and I'll send you a link for you to test during 7 days

· Can I cancel my subscription easily?

Yes, if you don't find the community useful anymore you can cancel your subscription anytime.

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